Vinicius Alves de Oliveira from S / Brazil wrote on 02/22/2013
Happy Birthday Ellen!!
hugs and kisses

Han from Seoul / Korea (South) wrote on 02/22/2013
Happy Ellen day!

Please come to Korea
Many fans are waiting for you


Christopher R. from Brooklyn / United States wrote on 02/22/2013
Hey I just want to say happy birthday (again if you read my comment on your official FB page). You are not only an amazing actress with such memorable characters (my earliest memory of you is that Animal Planet movie "Ghost Cat"), but you are perhaps one of the humble and the most down-to-Earth celebrity there is. It's very rare these days to get such a remarkable individual. Anyway enjoy the big 2 6 and I can't wait to see more of your contributions. Have a wonderful birthday Ms. Page.

PaulaMalfoy from Murcia / Spain wrote on 02/22/2013
Happy Birthday Ellen. I hope you have a great day because you deserve it. You always help me with your movies, it's the true, when I'm sad and I don't want to talk with anyon, because I know that anyone can say anything to cheer me up, I look at your pictures or watch one of your movies and I smile. Thank you for beeing the way you are. I'm waiting impatiently for The East, It will be great. You're my idol and I wish some day I could be like you, and my biggest dream is to be right opposite to you and say "Hi, thank you for everything" and get a reply (with a smile included) from you.
I love you Ellen.

Henry Collahua from Lima / Peru wrote on 02/21/2013
Thank you very much for giving us,at your young age,so fabulous characters you are my favorite actress since "An American Crime",you are a very beautiful woman. Happy birthday,Ellen!!!.Always i will pray for your health and wellbeing

Nikola from Zagreb / Croatia wrote on 02/21/2013
My dearest Ellen, I wish you all the best for your 26th birthday! Do us the honour and persevere in your work for many more years to come!

Much love,

Alex Ulko from Hitchhiking across the galaxy / Ukraine wrote on 02/21/2013
Dear Ellen,
By this sole message I certify that:
1. I wish you to have a Happy Birthday
2. I hereby order everyone to obey all your desires and to execute all your willings immediately today and every day for a year

Hurry, this wish expires 02/21/2014 00:00:00! :))

Marcela from Danbury, CT / United States wrote on 02/21/2013
HAPPPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!! So fortunate to have met you at Sundance. I hope you have a great day! Cant wait to see more of your face in theatres/tv or wherever! :D

Mauro from Buenos Aires / Argentina wrote on 02/21/2013
Ellen, hope you're enjoying your 26th birthday! My best wishes for you. Keep up the good work, expecting to see you for another Oscar soon! Sorry for my bad english. Happy birthday!

Carolyn from Hanover Park, IL / United States wrote on 02/21/2013
Happy Birthday Ellen! Every year you give us something new. Whether it be a new movie, an inside joke for us to giggle about, or a lesson for us to teach others. You give us reason, and for that we are always grateful for you.

Happy birthday Ellen! Never forget what you mean to us.

Lee Min Jae from ASIA / Korea (South) wrote on 02/21/2013
Hello, Ellen Page
Happy birthday
I want to look good in the movies

Wayne MacNaughton from Halifax, Nova Scotia / Canada wrote on 02/21/2013
Happy 26th Birthday, Ellen. I hope that your day is fabulous and your 27th year is the best you've had yet. Thank you for all of the wonderful things you do!

yohan choi from seoul / Korea (South) wrote on 02/21/2013
happy birthday ellen i love you

Istv from Szeged / Hungary wrote on 02/21/2013
Happy Birthday Ellen! Thank you for everything you gave us, and keep up the good work!
Enjoy your 27th year! :)

Vinicius Allves from S / Brazil wrote on 02/21/2013
Happy Birthday Ellen!
I love you so much hugs

Gianluca Odinson from Molfetta / Italy wrote on 02/21/2013
A special and important person like you deserves to be celebrated everyday ... Happy Birthday My Love!

Jordan Cabry from Chauny / France wrote on 02/21/2013
During this special day of yours, I would like to take the opportunity to wish you an Happy 26th Birthday, Ellen!

I'm a looking forward to seeing your upcoming movies!

Have fun!

J.J. Yun from Seoul / Korea (South) wrote on 02/21/2013
Happy Birthday!
you are thought to be the epitome of actress, i think

Jeremy Mellor from Slippery Rock, PA / United States wrote on 02/21/2013
Happy Birthday, Ellen! :D

Song Min Heouck from Asia / Korea (South) wrote on 02/21/2013
Happy birthday Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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